U.S. Opposes New Term of ElBaradei

The United States government opposes a third term as International Atomic Energy Agency chief for Mohammed ElBaradei, according to State Department spokesman Richard Boucher. The reason given is that the U.S. opposes more than two terms.

I'd like for him to stay and further discredit the IAEA, which should be immediately disbanded. He is remembered by the mainstream press in the U.S. and in Europe for having stood up against President Bush's insistence that Saddam Hussein had WMD. He did no such thing. He said that he couldn't find any evidence of a nuclear program but that he was not allowed to inspect everywhere.

He's done very little of merit. North Korea, Iran, and France continue to thumb their noses at his international org, possessing and or developing nuclear weapons. (France should be disarmed, but I'll leave the reasoning for another post.)

To oust ElBaradei, the United States needs the backing of 12 other members of the 35-nation IAEA Board of Governors. The U.S. has almost never in the past four decades been able to eke out that kind of support.

The Australian press reports that the U.S. sought Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer to run against ElBaradei, but that Alexander maintains that he is "very happy with the job I have got."

Putting an Australian at IAEA would make perfect sense, and it would restored credibility and perhaps effect to the organization.



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