Time for Kofi to get the hook?

Senator Norm Coleman (R-Minnesota), chairman of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, has an op/ed in today's Wall Street Journal (OpinionJournal.com) in which he concludes that Paul Volcker cannot get to the bottom of Oil-for-Food whilst Kofi Annan runs that show. ("It's time for Kofi Annan to step down.")

He points out that Oil-for-Food is so big that it requires a "truly independent examination" and goes on to repeat a request for "access to internal U.N. documents, and for access to U.N. personnel who were involved in the Oil-for-Food program." Coleman, then, is saying that his Subcommittee on Investigations is the place where Oil-for-Food will get its really independent examination. That Coleman would write the piece, with which I agree, shows that this is not the case, though. That being said, this U.N. Subcommittee on Investigations is probably the only place where the United Nation's latest series of transgressions would be revealed.

I don't know that Annan's resignation will change much of anything, but Coleman's committee should have access to all the information it needs to complete its investigation. Based on the findings, Congress should form a joint committee to investigate the U.N. completely to inform lawmakers of the proper way to vote on an ultimate resolution withdrawing the United States from the United Nations.



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