Susie Collins vrs. Don Rumsfeld

An anti-Rummy wing is emerging amongst the GOP. Senator Susie Collins, a Maine Mod Squadder, sent a letter to Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld, scolding him about his "troubling" remarks in response to the recent question from Kuwait and about the Pentagons lack of body armor.

She joins Chuck Hagel, Trent Lott, and John McCain. Hagel wants a share of McCain's maverick rep, Lott has been a wildcard since his Strom Thurmond remark, and McCain is McCain. Collins, as I've said, is a part of the GOP Mod Squad, with Linc Chafee, Olympia Snowe, Arlen Specter, and occasionally George Voinovich. Expect statements critical of Rumsfeld from the rest of them (though GV is pretty quiet).



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