Rudy's New Frontier

Rudolph Giuliani, as his private consulting firm Giuliani Partners LLC, , has purchased an investment bank, Ernst & Young Corporate Finance LLC, and is calling it Giuliani Capital Advisors.

The executive vice president of Giuliani Partners is former New York police chief Bernard Kerik, who is also CEO of Giuliani-Kerik LLC.

Ernst & Young LLC, from whom Giuliani Partners LLC purchased Ernst & Young Corporate Finance LLC, partnered with Giuliani-Kerik LLC on the Management Study of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces Program in 2002.

So, do you think either Giuliani or Kerik would be willing to accept Homeland Security if the President offered? Both have said that they would not rule it out.

The President could ask A.C. Ernst to serve, but he's been dead since 1948. (I've learned that Ernst never met Arthur Young, though they died within days of each other. Their companies were merged in 1989. But that's neither here nor there.)



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