Recount in Washington?

Republican Dino Rossi defeated Democrat Christine Gregoire by 42 votes out of almost three-millions ballots cast. She wants a recount, but she wants only a total recount of all 39 counties. The State Dems would have to front a $750,000 down payment to fund one, and they have only $500,000 in the bank. (Pleading poverty won't fly. They can raise $250,000 by 5p Friday (the deadline) for this without breaking a sweat.)

There's another option, but Gregoire refuses it. The Dems could fund a recount only in the counties where she was likely to pick up votes; is she leads after such a recount, the State will recount the entire place on the taxpayers' nickel, reimbursing the Dems for the initial partial recount.



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