Question for Rummy was PLANTED

When Army Spc. Thomas Wilsonasked Secretary of State Rumsfeld about the vehicle armor, it wasn't his question. In an e-mail, Chattanooga Times Free Press military affairs reporter Edward Lee Pitts disclosed that:
Pitts said he was told only soldiers could ask questions, so he and two GIs "worked on questions to ask Rumsfeld about the appalling lack of armor their vehicles going into combat have."

To make sure the soldiers were picked, Pitts said he "found the Sgt. in charge of the microphone for the question and answer session and made sure he knew to get my guys out of the crowd."
This does not change the answer, Rumsfeld's response, or the subsequent responses from the Army.

It showed that the armor was not a concern which would have been raised without the meddling of a reporter borrowing lines from the Kerry campaign. If I were the kid's editor, I'd reassign him. If I were the paper's publisher, I would fire both him and the editor.



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