Good morning!

  • 'T was the morning before Christmas Eve, and Democrat Christine Gregoire was leading Republican Dino Rossi by 10 votes in the Washington State gubernatorial recount. Okay, this is not done yet. There are still 735 previously rejected absentee votes from Democrat-leaning King County, hundreds of rejected Republican votes from around the State that the GOP will be pushing, and/or the Republicans might take the results to court or to the legislature.

    But Washington will emerge with a governor, even if I have to do it myself. (I suppose I could move there, or perhaps govern from here.)

  • New-look Senate Intelligence Committee, still fronted by Pat Roberts (R-Kansas). Two of the members will be voted from the committee – it will be two members smaller – and each remaining members will get to pick a new staffer. The new staffers were to handle appropriations, but intelligence appropriations were moved to an intelligence appropriations subcommittee of the Appropriations Committee. The new staffers are going to be unelected Senate staff with access to classified meetings, reports, and databases. This will solve what I will called the "JF Kerry problem," in that with the news staffers with access, the individuals Senators will not have to bother to show up for Intelligence Committee meetings.

  • Blogging will be very light on this Blogspot blog as we await transfer to the new Wordpress version set up over yonder. Someone has to point DNS name servers, or some such, and we'll see how that goes. www.rightsided.org will soon not point to this version of the blog, perhaps taking you to an error message for a while until the stuff is properly aligned.

    You can still reach this page for any interim blogging by visiting http://rightsided.blogspot.com.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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