PRE-FACE – Wednesday, December 8, 2004

  • Because of Ohio's election law, groups like the Libertarian and Green Parties can appear on the ballot, receive negligible votes, and call for a county-by-county recount, even though the results will not change. That looks like what is going to happen, though the Kerry/Edwards folks justify this expenditure of taxpayers' money by suggesting that it will help them find out about the long lines about which some complaints were heard.

    If it weren't for the secret ballot, Oho could have satisfied them by having separate lines for voters. The Kerry lines would have been 119,000 people shorter than the Bush lines and they could have gotten home much sooner.

    Just a mean-spirited thought, anyway.

  • Our Republic will survive the passage of this clumsy 9-11 Commission Bill. Let's see how much of it has to be retooled as it is implemented.

  • The New York Times tells us that the "biggest winner" in this 9-11 Commission Bill saga is Maine's Senator Susie Collins, who earned high praise from West Virginia's Jay Rockefeller: "I've never seen any person exercise the leadership, the restraint, the good humor, the toughness to stand up against who[m]ever she had to stand up against than Susan Collins."

    Representative Candy Miller (R-Michigan), who sits on the House Armed Services Committee, had a different assessment: "I'd say the losers are the Senate."


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