PRE-FACE – Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Good morning!

  • President Bush met with outgoing NAACP president Kweise Mfume for 40 minutes Wednesday to discuss the strained relations between the Administration and the interest group.

    Karl Rove also attended the meeting, and Mfume has been given his walking papers by group chairman Julian Bond.

  • Last night in post regarding Newsweek's citation of her on Dan-o's memos, I spoke of what I'd heard of Wonkette, though I'd never actually visited her blog. This is my first ever citation of Wonkette.

    She remarks that White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan had been "honest with each other," and she excerpts his Tuesday press briefing, in part:
    Q. All right, sorry, I don't know what I'm talking about.

    MR. McCLELLAN: -- this week. That's okay, I don't either, so -- (Laughter.)
    By Jove, that is cutting edge stuff!

    Oh, we all have our moments. I'm done with that one for now.

  • For all my chatter regarding the move to Wordpress, Erick Erickson is already there!
    The Dark Lord, Mike Krempasky, has been on me about switching to Word Press. I finally bit the bullet and he did the work. He’s a political genius and a Word Press genius. Thanks Mike!
    I'll have to get with Mr. Krempasky about the sidebar, but judging from the feel of Eric's site, I'm even more psyched about this move.

  • The Administration has released a pair of reports ordered by Congress. These reports evidently find that it is difficult to ensure the safety of imported drugs.

    Surprise, surprise!

    In the article linked, the Washington Post criticizes the reports as proof the President is "in no hurry to liberalize rules governing the importation of cheaper drugs." Undermining the production of safe drugs seems to be one of the MSM goals.


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