PRE-FACE – Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Good morning!

  • Addendum of the Hugh Hewitt symposium. Hugh does this from time-to-time, opening his Top 25 blog as a collection point for opinion on a matter of interest.

    My response (see below) dismissed the Newsweek piece as the standard pabulum, while, Hewitt notes, Mark A. Roberts and Dr. Robert Mohler do a more thorough, point-by-point job on the piece.

    Visit Hugh's blog for links to responses from around the blogosphere.

    The Newsweek article, though, is essentially a paid hatchet job on Christianity by someone who knows the religion so little his assumptions are hardly even relevant.

  • The Sydney Morning Herald, out of Australia, reports that Bernard Kerik commanded control of an apartment donated as a rest spot for weary Ground Zero workers, wherein he snogged with publisher Judith Regan. ("We was not snogging!")

    What a bad, bad man. Impeach Bush, etc. (I'm being facetious, but this nonsense is over the top. The Washington Post is still contending that the WH blew it in an act of exquisite negligence.)

  • The New York Times tells us that Michigan's John Conyer's, the ranking Dem on House Judic., is demanding an investigation into "inappropriate and likely illegal election tampering" in Ohio's Hocking County.

    What makes life worth living for the Dems in defeat if they cannot spend four more years screaming "stolen election"?


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