PRE-FACE – Wednesday, December 01, 2004

  • A U.N. panel commissioned by Kofi Annan has issued a 95-page report recommending, among other things, that the Security Council be enlarged to encompass "emerging powers." One wonders, then, if it could also be slimmed down to reflect fading powers, such as France.

    The report declares that the Security Council should work in closer tandem with the World Court, of which the United States is not a signatory. It also warns against "preventive action" taken by individual nations without Security Council approval. Only the UNSC, the panel wrote, has the legal standing to authorize a "preventive war."

    It is unclear on what they base their conclusions, other than internationalist whimsy.

  • Here's the paper of my alma mater, the Penn State Daily Collegian, reports that some local leaders are shocked and horrified (well, "surprised") that Tom Ridge will resign. We've "known" (assumed) the resignation for a while. Even AP reported last month that Ridge would step aside. (They also saw Dick Armitage, one of Colin Powell's boyz, stepping aside. Go figure.)

  • Before we hear chatter about "mass resignations" and "rampant mistrust," consider that seven members of the President's cabinets have resigned. Midterm, President Clinton lost seven and President Reagan had seven resign.

    So far, President Bush has lost seven, and we can only speculate on how many of them were legitimate resignations and how many were told to resign.

  • To those who, as do my wife and I, engage in such things, open the first window on your Advent calendars today.

    Actually I believe Clinton lost 10 at the begininng of his second term ...

    Leon Panetta - Chief of Staff
    George Stephanopoulos - Senior Adviser
    Henry Cisneros - HUD Secretary
    Hazel O'Leary - Secretary of Energy
    Warren Christopher - Secretary of State
    William Perry - Secretary of Defense
    Anthony Lake - National Security Adviser
    Richard Riley - Secretary of Education
    Robert Reich - Secretary of Labor
    Federico Pena - Secretary of Transportation

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