PRE-FACE – Thursday, December 16, 2004

Good morning!
  • The New York Times this morning salivates that a few well-heeled military attorneys are scrambling to oppose the nomination of Alberto Gonzalez to be the next attorney general, saying that the White House counsel authored memoranda authorizing torture at Gitmo. They assert that the memos showed "unsound legal judgment."

    To back up their story, they cite two retired officers of high rank, working now in the private sector.

  • In San Diego, it now looks like Democrat councilwoman Deborah Frye's write-in campaign to unseat Republican Mayor Dick Murphy has managed to collect more votes than the opposition, but the question remains: Which votes are legit? You see, there are 5,547 ballots on which voters scribbled Frye's name but neglected to darken the oval.

    Elections must be a matter of law, not mere intent. Does "close" count even in horseshoes?

  • Today is the 234th anniversary of the birth in Bonn of Ludwig van Beethoven. Our local classical station is giving him a "Beethoven Week," which is good; however, last March, the gave J.S. Bach only a day. Maybe he's not trendy enough. And Beethoven is? That's a good question to ponder this morning, I suppose.

    Here is a Beethoven portrait gallery put together by Classical 103.5, which is not our local classical station.


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