PRE-FACE – Thursday, December 02, 2004

  • Former DCI George Tenet told an E-Gov Institute conference that the 9-11 Commission Bill currently held up in the House is a bad idea because the "person has to be leading men and women every day and taking risks." He does not want the head of intelligence separated from the head of the CIA. 9-11 Commission co-chair Lee Hamilton said last Sunday that there had to be such a separation because, in his view, the CIA director "has enough to do" already that he shouldn't be bothered with the rest.

  • Despite increased calls for his resignation, U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan is receiving support aplenty from the cozy world of international diplomacy.
    Russia, Britain, Chile, Spain and other nations on the U.N. Security Council strongly backed Annan in recent days, as did non-council members. The 54 African nations sent a letter of support.
    Under normal circumstances, one would expect France to be front-and-center in opposition for its own sake to the United States and in support of a players in its own evidently crooked dealings, but their silence could be an indication that they feel their vocal support of the U.N. chief would be a tacit indication of their own culpability.

  • Yankees first baseman Jason Giambi has admitted to a federal grand jury that between 2000 and last year, he had pumped himself full of steroids he obtained from Barry Bonds's weight trainer. He said he was told of the steroids when he asked Anderson about Bonds's training regimen.
    "So, you would put it [testosterone] in your arm?" [Assistant U.S. Attorney Jeffrey] Nedrow asked.

    "No, you wouldn't," Giambi said. "You'd put it in your ass."


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