PRE-FACE – Sunday, December 12, 2004

Good morning.

  • The late Reverend Martin Luther King's daughter Bernice lit a touch at her father's grave in Atlanta and handed it to Bishop Eddie Long, who proceeded to lead a march, the fundamental goal of which was to promote a Constitutional Amendment protecting the institution of marriage from being redefined as something other than "between one man and one woman." Thousands protested, of course.
    "He has built this march on the legacy of Dr. King, and those of us who understand Dr. King's legacy also understand Dr. King would never support any type of activity that would prohibit the rights of any people," said the Rev. Antonio Jones of Atlanta's Unity Fellowship Church.
    In 1998, Kings niece Alveda King led a small march in Augusta, Maine, protesting homosexual rights:
    "God hates racism and God hates homosexuality," Alveda King told the group in a speech after leading them in prayer.
    I'm sure the reverend himself had something to say about this before he was killed. I'll look into it later.

  • Robert D. Blackwell opines in the Washington Post that the French "national security elite" feel that the United States should fail in Iraq because they don't like it, but know "intellectually" that the United States must win, being "rescued and rewarded."

    It's nice to know what the French national security elite think of this war vis-à-vis themselves, but is it relevant? Ought we not be more interested in what concerns the national security elite in Poland and, yes, the Netherlands?

  • Fans of the Anaheim Angels, bankrolled by the city of Anaheim, are protesting owner Arte Moreno's plan to change the name of the team to the "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim." When I was younger, they were the "California Angels."

    Moreno's proposed name, though, shares a certain redundancy with the team itself.

    Even though Disney has sold the team, it deserves a Disnified name. The Anaheim Eisners, overpaid ballplayers who can't hit for power.

  • I'm about to embark on writing the Sunday Show review for the Rightsided Newsletter. Today also marks my debut in performing the same function for Red State, something about which I am excited. And I'll let you know what's going on.


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