PRE-FACE – Sunday, December 05, 2004

  • Billly Tauzin has lost his Louisiana Congressional race (LA-3) by 500 votes. No, the sky is not falling and the world not imploding; rather, the father (Tauzin II) will not be immediately succeeded by the son (Tauzin III). It was a Democrat pickup in this Louisiana House race yesterday, offset by Republican Charles Boustany's victory in Louisiana's 7th district race.

    A trade. So to speak.

  • Former military spokesman General Mark Kimmitt, now at Central Command HQ in Iraq, told al Jazeera that they would use the new "torture" photographs as a "tool" to condemn the entire U.S. military as nasty, mean guys. Meanwhile, a leftist Lebanese newspaper editor angrily tells AP that our military, despite the pretense, is "not a charity or a humanitarian organization." Forsooth!


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