PRE-FACE – Saturday, December 11, 2004

Hey, good morning!

  • With Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist evidently determined to administer the oath of office to the President for his second term, for what are the commentators going to be watching?

    ANCHOR: "Rehnquist looked pretty pail, Tim. How do you think this bodes for the coming year?"

    TALKER: "Well, Brian, I invited him onto Meet the Press to discuss this, and his staff laughed at me. I think it's safe to say that he will not be running for President in 2008, though his staff was not categorical in their denial."

  • The Democrat Party has the fringe – MoveOn.org – ready to reject the Clintons and anything with a DC tinge, and outgoing chief Terence McAuliffe advising them to follow the GOP. This after four years of accusing the Republican Party of things unspeakable.

    The Democrats would have been better off had raised funds and kept his mouth shut.

  • Here's the text of Bernard Kerik's letter to President Bush.

    Here is the White House announcement on Kerik's withdrawal from consideration.

    My wife noted that he will be able now to appear on FOX News more often. That, and he will continue earning his fortune in the private sector.

    We've been over the list of possible Homeland Security Secretaries before, and though we have to sit through the movie again, we don't have to act as if it were the Rocky Horror Picture Show. No audience participation.


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