PRE-FACE – Monday, December 20, 2004

Good morning!

  • The Washington Post asserts this morning that now that the election is over and the President safely reelected, the maverick one "has wasted no time reasserting his independence from the White House." But even during the campaign, he took shorts at the Bush Administration's policy; he didn't stress it and the press corps didn't underscore it, but McCain is McCain. He's a pill.

  • The temp on the outside thermometer reads: 3º.

  • The Post reports that someone asked White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan to react to telling people that the WH put him up to writing that Rumsfeld-bashing Post piece. McClellan, who was standing near Kristol when the comment was allegedly made, said he hadn't heard it. The Kristol denied having said it, alleging:
    "I maybe said that if he [the President] pats me on the back and says, 'Good op-ed, Bill,' that would indicate something,"
    He's raising the possibility that the White House wants rid of Rummy but wants to seem forced into making him quit.

  • The big question on everyone's lips must be: What will MAKPA look like on WordPress?


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