PRE-FACE – Monday, December 13, 2004

  • The media is blaming the White House for the Bernard Kerik nomination. This is not a scandal. Kerik did not almost become Secretary of Homeland Security. If Kerik had not withdrawn, the Senate would have caught the Nanny thaang and the outstanding arrest warrant and all that.

    The Administration is evidently not helping matters. CNN reports that a Senior Administration official – perhaps the same one who told them John Snow was going, going, gone – told them that the Administration was upset and was conducting an internal investigation.

    It's not that big a deal.

  • A new poll of Canadians finds that 80% of them like the United States but 64% are "worried" and "disappointed" by our re-election of President Bush.

    It would have been interesting to see the results of a poll of those Americans who knew who former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien was. It might have been something like: "Of those Americans who had heard of Chrétien, 15% were deeply concerned, 5% were favorably, and the remaining 90% replied that the Canadians can do what they want." (These "poll results" were invented. I know of no poll conducted of Americans regarding Chrétien.)

  • The Los Angeles Times runs a curiosity piece masquerading as hard news about the people who still dispute last month's Presidential election.
    Clifford Arnebeck won't let it go. He can't let it go. Not, he says, while America refuses to recognize that John F. Kerry was elected president Nov. 2.

    Arnebeck, a Democratic lawyer here and co-chairman of a self-styled national populist alliance, is petitioning the state's highest court to throw out official results that favor President Bush and instead hand Ohio's 20 electoral votes — and thus the White House — to Kerry.
    We have a name for where his mind is: La La Land.


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