PRE-FACE – Friday, December 17, 2004

Good morning!

  • 'T is Friday.

  • The two-day SSI conference has ended, and the people selected to attend agreeing with the President that a problem is a crisis. Brazenly setting up camp on the "Third Rail of American Politics," the President is ready with his political capital in hand.

    Who needs a "caretaker" domestic President during wartime?

  • Anonymous "officials" have told the Washington Post that the President is considering naming Federal Reserve Board governor Ben Bernanke to be the chairman of his Council of Economic Advisors.

    Note that the paper does not claim to cite a "senior Administration official" or "sources close to the White House." They later in the story cite an "[A]dministration aide," who cautioned that it was still early in the process.

    Don't bet the farm on this piece, not that we all have farms to wager.

  • The Green and the Libertarian Parties were ordered to pay a $1.4-million deposit for a recount in last month's Presidential election. The Greens complained that this was more money than they had raised for the election itself.

    They're looking for guaranteed space on the 2006 ballot.


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