PRE-FACE – Friday, December 10, 2004

Good morning!

  • The new chairman of the Civil Rights Commission is raising hackles in DC by observing that he cannot recall being a victim of overt discrimination. Chairman Gerald A. Reynolds, a Washington attorney, admits: "I just assume somewhere in my life some knucklehead has looked at me and my brown self and said that they have given me less or denied me an opportunity, but the bottom line is, and my wife will attest to this, I am so insensitive that I probably didn't notice."

  • In Britain, General Sir Michael Walker is faulting the media for making it easier for the Iraqi insurgents to kill British troops:
    "I think that the contribution towards the initial attacks against the Black Watch was certainly enhanced by, if you like, a media picture that was being laid across a number of channels in all sorts of places.

    "As a result of that, there could well have been a response by those who wished us ill to go and meet us with something like a bomb."
    But "objective journalism," as defined by those who report, requires a lack of concern for the lives of your countrymen.

  • In the meantime, the BBC reportsthat London Police Commissioner Sir John Stevens acknowledges that his force has "stopped a Madrid," referring to the March 11 train attacks in Spain.

  • Between one Sir running the military and another commanding the London P.D., it's easy to conclude that Britain is still tacitly run by the noble class. That being said, QE2 is doling out the titles of nobility to clowns like Mick Jagger and Elton John, so the titles no longer hold the luster that they held when the United States of America fought a war against such tripe.


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