PRE-FACE – Friday, December 03, 2004

  • They've found the Congressional aide who tried to add to the recent omnibus spending bill a line which would allow Congressional staff to scrutinize the tax returns of almost anyone, and his name is Richard E. Efford. Efford said the power was needed for oversight of the IRS, so Congress could see how the agency treated individual taxpayers.

    He thought like a staffer, not as an individual taxpayer.

    The provision is history.

  • By an AP article about the GOP desire to ratchet-down Dem filibusters of judicial nominees, we are told that the filibuster has as its "linguistic origins… the pirates who once captured ships and held their crews for ransom." Actually, it comes from the 19th Century term "freebooter," who is anyone who lives by plundering others. A pirate is part of it.

  • Last election, the DNC outraised the RNC by about $17-million. No kidding.


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