Powell blasts the unwilling

Secretary of State Colin Powell Thursday told a few backwards NATO countries that they were "hurting the credibility and the cohesion" of NATO by insisting on refusing to send troops in Iraq to train Iraqis to protect themselves. Only six of the 26 member states are behaving badly: Belgium, France, Greece, Germany, Luxembourg, and Spain. They want the training to take place somewhere other than Iraq.

The White House announced Thursday that President Bush will meet with these nations on February 22, which Powell said would be an attempt to "mend these breaches."

Pending the results of that meeting, the President should consider dissolving NATO and forming a new alliance with only our allies. The other 20 member states agreed to boost the NATO operation in Iraq from 60 to 300 people.

We do not need to belong to an alliance with non-allies. It defeats the purpose. (France withdrew from the military portion of the alliance in 1966. It rejoined the Military Committee in 1995, to little effect. France is evidently too busy with atrocities and committing war crimes in the Ivory Coast.



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