Parents of Slain Marine Want to Read his Mail

The parents of fallen Marine Lance Corporal Justin Ellsworth want to get a glimpse of his thoughts prior to his death in the Al Anbar province of Iraq last month, but Yahoo is stubbornly sticking to its uniform privacy policy and refusing to give his password.

One would think that the next of kin of the deceased, who would inherit his other property, would also get his password. That's the "clinical" way of looking at the condundrum, but no matter, an exception could be made for a special circumstance. Corporal Ellsworth was killed by a roadside bomb. His parents are grieving at the loss of their son. They want to feel close to their son, and this is one way.

What Yahoo has done is thoughtless. Perhaps they hadn't planned for such exigencies, but now would be a fine time for them to revise and refine their policy. And allow grieving military parents to grieve with memories.

Yahoo has no children to lay down their lives for our country, as Yahoo is barren.



I more than agree that what Yahoo is doing is wrong. Yahoo is turning their back on a family in grief of their Son. A Son in which died for the very country that Yahoo makes millions and millions of dollars from.

However, it is equally unfortunate, that despite the fact that most Americans will be in agreement that Yahoo (at least in regards to this situation) is acting innately inhumane, will as a majority, continue to support Yahoo (utilize Yahoo services) and the unethical policy currently enforced by Yahoo.

It is nearly Christmas and the Holiday Season is in full swing. I am of the opinion that the Ellsworth family should have their wish granted and be provided access to their Sons email account. The Holidays are tough enough on many people. I cannot imagine how difficult it would be to lose a loved one during the holidays. (Nor is it something I wish to experience).

If someone happens to know how the Ellsworth family can be reached (IE: phone #, postal address to write to) please let me know by posting a reply here on this board that you know how to reach them. I will reply to you with my email address or you can provide your email address etc.. They should be informed that they have a few ways in which to handle the issue. Taking Yahoo to court is only one of those.

Have a Happy Holiday Season Everyone,
And to the Ellsworth Family,
My Thoughts and Prayers are With You.
Sincerely, Santa’s Cause

By Anonymous Anonymous, at December 23, 2004 at 7:03 AM  

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