Paper: Rudy takes a Hit

Here's an interesting theory from New York Newsday. Their staff writer who wrote the piece believes that the "embarrassing nomination" of Bernard Kerik has caused Rudy Giuliani's political stock to take "its first major tumble," raising doubts about their former mayor's judgment.

As he tacitly admits, it's a NYC thaang. They cannot stand Rudy or his buddies.

He ends with an interesting conclusion from a "national Republican strategist": If he wishes to run for President, "Rudy's got to hire a team of people who are ready for prime time and have a plan." That's a no-brainer. If you are seeking political office, you don't hire your college roommate and your bowling partner to run your campaign. You hire people trained to take on such an endeavor.

Worry about him when or if he runs.

The Kerik nomination was not a bad one. He was caught in a lot of tape about which most people could not care less.



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