North Korea's gamble pays off

But not for the communist north. From the Times of London:
[North Korean Stalinist dictator] Kim’s prestige suffered a blow after he gambled and lost on a Kerry victory. The North Koreans played a waiting game through three rounds of nuclear talks in the belief that Kim could cut a better deal with a Democratic administration.

In President George W Bush, Kim faces an implacable foe who has signed legislation to help North Korean refugees and to sponsor exiled opponents of the regime.

[ . . .]
Videos of the preliminary trial hearing of Saddam Hussein are said to be circulating among the leadership. Officials fear that the Americans would impose a similar trial if North Korea’s regime were overthrown. There are also suggestions in Beijing that influential North Koreans have been quietly shipping money and assets into China.
This, of course, indicates that the removal of Saddam Hussein is still having a positive global impact on the various renegade states and rogue dictators. We have already seen this happen with Libya's Muammar Qadhafi, though he had the option of apparent "statesmanship," something which both Saddam and Kim lack/ed.

It might be too soon to speak of unity on the peninsula, but not by much.

[link gleaned from Vinod's Blog.]



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