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This is for a Hugh Hewitt symposium: Vox Blogoli VI: What does Newsweek's story on Christmas tell us about MSM?

What poor Jon Meacham has attempted to do in Newsweek is something which had been attempted thousands of times over thousands of years by thousands of people with much more intellectual firepower than he possesses, so my question is: Why did he do it? What made him attempt to explain away Christianity?

The answer, of course, is simple: An editor. "Give me [fill in number] words by December 1 on Jesus Christ."

As a Christian, I am not offended. We were told to expect insults, and even buffoonery.

The article is a case of the secular press talking to itself regarding that which it cannot begin to comprehend.

I thought it especially amusing when he assigned motives to the early church leaders and members. He presumed that they were all or mostly Jews who had to make their cult of a demigod look like something legitimate. He misses the beautiful dichotomy of the dual-ministries, Peter's to the Jews and Paul's to the gentiles. They could coexist with differing rules and rituals, as Paul made clear, because this was dressing. It was the truth of Jesus Christ which held the church.

When he dismisses the stories of the birth of Jesus as later additions, inventions for convenience and/or necessity, he misses another fundamental tenet of early Christianity. God, as the Holy Spirit, dwelt within these people, inspired their words. Where the stories contradict, or seem to contradict, this was caused by the Spirit's motives. For whom was what being written?

What does this say about the mainstream media (MSM)? The editor wanted a Jesus Story, assigned a Jesus Story, and the writer threw together a Jesus story. It sells magazines. There was nothing either intellectual or challenging about the article; rather, it was an attempted rationalization of something which the writer could not comprehend. And what's sweetly ironic about that is this: it is precisely why these folks believe people invent religions: to explain the inexplicable.

The poor man seemed to be as confused as the state which he tried to attribute to the Blessed Virgin.



The article was idiotic tripe written by the ignorant, edited by the indifferent, and sold to the gullible. Well... I guess they know their audience.

By Blogger David L, at December 14, 2004 at 10:33 PM  

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