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Earlier this morning in the PRE-FACE, I indicated that Clinton had seven members of his cabinet resign after the first term. In the comments beneath that post, Nathan Fietzer of GOPInsight.com reported that there were ten, and he named them to be certain:
Leon Panetta - Chief of Staff
George Stephanopoulos - Senior Adviser
Henry Cisneros - HUD Secretary
Hazel O'Leary - Secretary of Energy
Warren Christopher - Secretary of State
William Perry - Secretary of Defense
Anthony Lake - National Security Adviser
Richard Riley - Secretary of Education
Robert Reich - Secretary of Labor
Federico Pena - Secretary of Transportation
Steph and Panetta lived in the West Wing and weren't members of the cabinet, so that puts it at eight.

The current President has had seven resign, so we've seen no mass exodus. To conspiracy to do the unthinkable and cast the second Bush Administration in the image of… well, Bush.

This is an opportune time to welcome GOPInsight.com to the A-1 Blogroll. Formerly Wis4Bush.com, they've decided to soldier on into the future. It's someplace you'll want to check out.



Very true .. Steph and Panetta lived in the West Wing and weren't members of the cabinet so that does put us down to eight. I am just sick of dems and libs saying that Bush is losing his cabinet due to poor leadership. That's a crock ... having a position on the cabinet is a tough job. The latest .. Tom Ridge ... he has six kids I believe as well to take care of ... that's a load!

By Blogger JoNathan Fietzer, at December 1, 2004 at 1:47 PM  

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