McCaffrey: Notes from a Padded Cell

We've the latest piece of prose from my friend Jim McCaffrey. His weekly Notes from a Padded Cell can, for now, be found exclusively on the web site of the Rightsided Newsletter, and I'll once again call it a must-read for conservatives who want to cut through the bull droppings and euphemisms.

A sample:
Miss Congeniality – To Americans who fret and fuss over what the U.N., the crooked leaders of other nations, and their miscreants-in-the-street think of America and its President, some advice: Drop the “valley girl”, self-consciousness, and quit obsessing over what others think of us, or what we’ve done to bruise their tender sensibilities. We are not in some kind of global popularity contest. It’s not about us, or the “imperialism”, which they falsely claim that we are practicing. It’s about the cowardice, corruption, or intrinsic evil of our enemies, their supporters, and those who enable them through their passivity.
We don’t “give peace a chance”, when an organized global psychosis has set out to destroy us.
And the Muslim-in-the-street is not exactly in a position to pass learned judgment on us either, what with they being the Neanderthal, goon, products of dark, backward, brutal and oppressive tyranny. It’s not our job to reshape America enough to make these nut-bags happy. Rather it’s our responsibility to spotlight what is wrong with them, and to promote change in their decrepit societies!
I'm not marketing this; rather, I love his stuff.

You can read it in full: HERE.



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