Matt Damon says…

Do we care Matt Damon says?
Actor Matt Damon tells Diane Sawyer tonight that supporting John Kerry was, "financially, the stupidest thing that [he] could do," but the election was about more than money. Interviewed with his "Ocean's Twelve" costars on "Primetime Live," Damon says he doesn't need or want the fat tax break he's getting from the Bush administration. "I personally would like to give millions of dollars back," he says. "This guy -- this president -- is giving me millions of dollars. Do you think I need that?" (No, as a matter of fact, we don't.)
His thesis seems to be that wealthy people should support the Democrats because they don't need the money the government would take from them if the Democrats ran it. By extension, then, the rest of us should support Republicans because we might need it.

In truth, though, this is not about night. It's about the right to possess one's property versus the desire to cede that right to a government. And the willingness to vote to cede other people's right to their property.

No, it doesn't matter what Damon says. He's probably forgotten already anyway.

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