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Hello, I am starting a Blog that will Provide links to other Political Blog Sites and World Affairs Blog Sites. My main goal is to help out Blogspot sites. There seems to be a number of interesting sites, but they don't get much traffic.

This message is to notify you that I have provided a link to your site on my Blog. My hope is that we can help create a network of Blogs that will link to Each other through my Blog.

I'm asking that you link to my Blog on Your site. If I can Get enough sites to do this then I think it can increase traffic for all of the Blog Sites.

I also hope to turn my Blog into a place that will link to Many other News sites and political Blogs. It is in the Beginning stages as of now and its success will depend on cooperation from those Blogs I contact.

This is one of those Blogs. So, please check it out. Search for your Blog Name and link and check out the other Blogs as well.

Also, I have put the title name of your Blog next to the link. If you would like to add anything, such as a description of your blog then let me know. I can do it or you can do it and contact me.

For now use the comment part to contact me.

Link To Political Blogs:


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Nice Post

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