MAKPA Quote of the Hour

I recently came upon a copy of a short story I had written several years ago, Bokor Medly, and noted a section. In this one, the protagonist (Nick) is confronting what his life had become on its own through his neglected. His fear is symbolized by a Bokor, a voodoo practitioner of the black arts.

He confronts the Bokor, whom he knew as a homeless bum named Jim, with a quote:
“This is not a counsel of despair. Our own life has demonstrated that we are incapable of despair. Men will die in defense of principle; men will sacrifice their all rather than compromise themselves and renounce that which distinguishes them from the beasts - their moral faculty.”

He cleared his throat and paused; the Bokor was frozen. Nick continued.

“If this force in men can but be awakened and focused on the problems of each day, we shall survive each day to the dawn of each tomorrow, and in this survival guarantee to our children and our children's children a lifetime of peace and security, under justice and right, and under God.”
To Emperor Haile Selassie, I'm convinced, he was speaking of communism. Can we not also mean leftism? I don't mean the liberalism of the friendly lefty blogger or a mild lefty politician. I'm speaking of something more insidious, perhaps born by Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Jesse Jackson. Or, better yet, the Eurocrats.

What of Kos? I haven't read enough of his stuff to tell for sure that he is bright enough to be dangerous. He could well be, but he seems often crass – in the same sense as Mo Dowd, although I have read enough of her stuff to have a good bearing on her intellectual state.



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