A majority did not vote for Bush

"The majority of Americans did not vote for Bush." It's true. From a letter to the editor of the Albany Times-Union:
"[A] majority of Americans" did not vote for President Bush. As we know, slightly less than 60 percent of the eligible voters actually voted in the last election and, of those voters, approximately 52 percent voted for President Bush. That means that, at the most, only 32 percent of Americans voted for President Bush, while 68 percent either did not vote, or else they voted against him.
In that case, a majority of Americans did not vote for any of our Presidents. Toss in the Americans who cannot vote because they are under age-18 or are felons in certain States, and we're have the makings of a Michael Moore vid.

According to the CIA's World Factbook, the estimated population of the United States in July was 293,027,571. One count, CNN's, has the President receiving only 60,608,582 votes. This means that 79.3% of the population of the United States did not vote for President Bush!

In our Republic, people who are eligible can vote for the candidate they want to be President. The person who receives the most votes cast becomes the President. As President, he has the authority and obligation to act as President. That is a mandate. There are no caveats.



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