Lisa Murkowski Removes Her Staff

This from Robert Novak, today:
Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski, an unexpectedly easy winner this year in Alaska, on Nov. 19 announced she was firing her entire staff (with the option of hiring back some aides). Murkowski felt that several members of her staff, confident she would lose, viewed a trip back to Alaska to work on the campaign as an opportunity to vacation.
A Murkowski spokesman had told The Hill last week that the aids were fired "to get rid of some of the older aides who had worked for her father [Governor Frank Murkowski]" and because she "wanted to shift more of the office’s resources to Alaska."

Last month, AP quoted the Senator saying she had not had the opportunity to form her own staff, having been stuck in Washington with no time to learn her way around. That being said, in June, she hired her own chief of staff (George Lowe) and legislative director (Isaac Edwards0), so the Novak version of the story sounds to be the actual one.



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