The Kofi Peace Prize

Who needs the Nobel? Heck, maybe they could outlaw it by Security Council resolution.

From the New York Post's Page 6:
THE United Nations — desperately in need of some positive spin — is considering a ploy to steal some of the Norwegian Nobel thunder by launching its own annual peace prize. It doesn't hurt that the highly politicized Nobel Peace Prize has been bestowed to such unpeaceful types as Yasser Arafat and appeasers like Jimmy Carter. "The United Nations peace prize would be announced each year with the fanfare of a Live Aid-like concert, to be broadcast on a youth channel like MTV," said one source. "In the face of widespread corruption in Iraq's oil-for-food program, weapons proliferation and terrorism, it strikes one as both tone-deaf and feckless of them even to have that on the table."

I doubt it will get very far in discussions, but the idea is – brace yourselves for the pun – a NOBLE one. I nominate Jacques Chirac and the poet Dominique DeVillepin. Every year.

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The UN Peace Prize! Sure, now that's gonna carry a lot of prestige, an award from the debating society for third world dictators....

By Blogger jaws, at December 6, 2004 at 9:34 PM  

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