Kerik, Johanna, and John

"Anybody here seen my old friend Bernieā€¦"

Bernie Kerik is in as the nominee to be the next Secretary of Homeland Security.

Nebraska Governor Mike Johanna is the nominee at the Department of Agriculture.

Former Senator John Danforth has resigned as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

The Dems might be able to try something about Johanna and his cozy ties to "big beef," but there aren't enough of them left to do anything and they won't waste a filibuster on a mid-level cabinet nomination.

I suppose the Dems could question Kerik's ties to the domestic effort after 9-11, but that would be silly. He was the President's early point man in Iraq for getting their police training program going.

Danforth is an ordained Episcopal minister. Why would he want his name tied to an outfit like the U.N.?



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