Joe Biden on ABC's This Week

Joe Biden is back from Iraq, and he told Steph that "almost every commander" told him, anonymously and off the record, "that we've got to say here [in Iraq] for a long time in significant numbers and spend a lot of money to get this done right." He said that one commander waited until he was about to leave in the helicopter, so the noise of the chopper would prevent him from being heard by his fellows, to speak that into Joe Biden's ear.

So what Joe Biden painted was a picture – a Joe Biden original – of the entire group of commanders in secret agreement with Joe Biden but afraid to tell each other that they agreed with Joe Biden. The secret of their unanimous agreement with Joe Biden is known only to Joe Biden. And those of use who labored through Steph's show this AM.

We need more troops for the election. Joe thinks it good that the President is sending more troops, but Joe Biden castigated the President for reducing the number of troops in the first place. Joe Biden "guaranteed" that the commanders in Iraq would announce that they could "draw down" the troop deployment in Iraq after the election. Joe Biden said we must keep all the troops there.

Joe Biden said that "we have to be honest with the American people." Joe Biden accused the President of being dishonest with the American people. Joe Biden said that our current difficulties, including lives lost, would have been avoided had the President been honest with the American people.

"We have to level with the American people."

Joe Biden said that he is not concerned with "civil war," Sunni vrs. Shi'a vrs. Kurds; rather, Joe is worried about "civil chaos," the insurgents gaining the upper hand and the country devolving into lawlessness.

That was Joe Biden on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos. We are assured that both Joe Biden and George Stephanopoulos a very smart men.



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