It's… Wictory Wednesday

Today is a novel WW, in that it is directed towards the good people who live in the State of Washington. As you folks know, Republican Dino Rossi is your governor-elect, having defeated Democrat Chrissy Gregoire by, oh, 42 votes after a recount. The Dems rallied and raised the funds to put up the $750,000 down payment on a hand recount, and that's what they are going to do.

The Washington State GOP charges:
Christine Gregoire is using her lawyers to try to change the rules of a statewide hand recount in the Governor's race. She has lost twice to Dino Rossi, and she isn't willing to accept the results, so now she wants to manipulate the system.
They need monitors, people to be certain that the Dems don't try anything funky with the recount. If you live in the State and can help out, give them a call at (425) 646-7202.

This message is being played across the Blogosphere by the Wictory Wednesday bloggers. For a complete list, see this from the founder of WW, PoliPundit: WW bloggers.



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