Islamophobic Europe

I found an ABCNews.com piece illustrating how the rational and enlightened people's of Europe have a tendency to freak out when they see a gal in a hijab; the French went so far as to ban the Moslem scarves in school.) Even the Dutch began trashing Moslem churches and schools after filmmaker Theo van Gogh was butchered for making a movie about Moslem mistreatment of women.

The Baltimore Sun (subscription) has published an Op/Ed by Zachary Shore of UCal Berkeley blaming thie phenomenon on capitalism, "the Americanization of Europe."

I'll argue that the people of Europe do not live in free territory, being slammed together in a morass of social democracy. Their "Islamophobia" thus manifests itself in violence, leaving the European planners confused that the European masses could slip from control in the utopia they're fashioning. In the United States, any anger at Islam manifests itself as words written on the internet and angry talk. And we deal with it.

We might be watching a Europe crying to be free. In its current state, Europe cannot truly Americanize itself.

Note that George Bush was preaching blanket-tolerance of non-extremist Moslems while Jacques Chirac was banning headscarves. One must hate the United States in her extant state not to diagnose the very real problem with Europe.



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