Introducing Jim McCaffrey…

Jim McCaffrey has been a gifted writer and astute political observer, jotting his thoughts analysis for family and friends, a pursuit which helps keep one on his toes. He recently began combining his thoughts into a weekly e-mail called Notes from a Padded Cell, and I talked him into letting me put it on the Rightsided Newsletter site so more people could see it.

I think it's must-read stuff. Here's a sample from this week's Padded Cell:
Whistling Past the Cemetery – The other day, for some reason known only to himself, the execrable Terry McAullife, Chairman-for-Life of the DNC, [or at least it seems that way] recited an up-beat, state-of-the-Party report to the gathered Dem capos. The Chairman was bursting with unfounded optimism, as his disbelieving gathering sat numbly, while their disbelieving eyes glazed over. Seriously though, in view of the Party’s record in the electoral battlefield since 1994, instead of a delirious fairytale of what might have been, and what never will be; shouldn’t Terrence the Great have laid out a Party plan for what the Democrats like to call, “an exit strategy”?
I'll be offering Jim's thoughts every week, and you can read all of this week's Notes on the RSN web site:HERE.



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