Interesting Sermon Topic

Lisa Montgomery murdered Bobbi Jo Stinnett and cut her child from her womb. She and evidently clueless husband showed the child to her husband's minister, the Reverend Mike Wheatly. The topic of Rev. Wheatley's sermon Sunday, written weeks ago, was fortuitous:
[M]y sermon was [called] "A Baby Changed Everything." And it was really meant to be about Jesus Christ. And you could correlate, I suppose, this situation because the sermon had been written -- I wrote it two weeks ago. So the fact that it kind of tied in with what was going on in Melvern [Kansas] was totally coincidental, and that was definitely the Lord.
In attributing the correlation to the Lord, Rev. Wheatley was reflecting a school of Christian though which has Jesus Christ influencing certain events in ways which reflect his love and lead to the furtherance of his will. (That's definitely a non-theologian's phrasing.) I agree with that school.



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