Intelligence Reform bill set to pass

The 9-11 Commission Bill has been amended slightly to add text stating that the new intelligence chief "shall respect and not abrogate the statutory responsibilities of the heads of the departments of the United States government." Including those of the Secretary of Defense.

This is good enough for the chairmen of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees, Representative Duncan Hunter and Senator John Warner.

Nothing has been done yet to placate Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, whose issue was drivers licenses for illegals, but Senate Intelligence Committee Chairperson Susie Collins (R-Maine) has said that the 9-11 Commission Bill already addresses the matter as Sensenbrenner wants, and Speaker Hastert won't hold up the bill at this point merely to keep one chairman happy. It will get a majority of Republican votes.

The way this was rushed-through to make everyone feel good qualifies this as "Feel Good Legislation." It's not the way to do something as important as this is, but this is an emotional Congress at an emotional time in our nation's history. I've never owned a Barry Manilow CD, but it now seems regrettably appropriate. [NOTE: I'm not on the "bust-on-Manilow" bandwagon. He had his thaang, and he did it well.]



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