Huckabee to HHS? - Arkansas politics

With Tommie Thompson leaving the Department of Health and Human Services, the latest rumor has Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee being asked to replace him. According to the article, he'd be a natural for the health post because he's lost 105 pounds. No kidding.

This is a case of Arkansas journalists speculating about their governor. Such things happen every year, like in Pennsylvania, we talked of our Governor Ridge as a possibility for the President's first homeland security advisor. People like to talk about possible local connections.

But if Huckabee is nominated and accepts, his replacement would be Arkansas Lt. Governor Winthrop "Win" Rockefeller (R), who has already announced that he will seek the governorship in 2006, will replace Huckabee and spend the '06 campaign as an incumbent. A primary between Hutchinson and Rockefeller would certainly be interesting.



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