How the Tories Plan to Win

According to their Shadow Chancellor Oliver Letwin, Britain's Conservative Party plans to win next year's elections with the promise of a tax cut for low and middle income workers. Then if the promise is not kept within one month of the Tories regaining power, he will quit.

They also plan to score points on crime and immigration.
Mr Letwin predicts a three-party race in which the Liberal Democrats will benefit from anti-war feeling but says the Tories can still win as voters desert Labour [over the war] in droves.
As much as I like the sound of tax cuts for our friends on the island, and as much as I miss the Prime Minister Thatcher, any anti-war Prime Minister would be globally suicidal and would be doing their best to take the United States down with them.

Circumstances beyond anyone's control make it necessary for a victory by Clinton's old friend Tony. The man does not blink when staring at terror, and life is more important than a tax cut.



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