Harry talks to Tim

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada talked to Tim Russert yesterday [see the Rightsided Newsletter].

The subject of the Supreme Court came up.

A good Democrat, Reid created a tale of the dumb black guy vrs. the Professor. Russert asked him if Justice Clarence Thomas would be a suitable replacement for Chief Jusice William Rehnquist. Nope, said Reid. "He has been an embarrassment to the Supreme Court." Why? He thinks Thomas is a stupid black guy: "I think that his opinions are poorly written." Demeaning, dismissive, trivializing… say: 'Thomas is disposable.' Harry Reid called a black man, "an embarrassment." How does that play with a constituency the Democrats presume is theirs by right?

Let's get Reid on Justice Antonin Scalia, a former U. of Chicago Law School professor. He told Russert, "I disagree with many of the results that he arrives at, but his reasons for arriving at those results are very hard to dispute." He admires the man's mind. His fellow Democrats can say that their leader has been beguiled by the white man's words.

Reid became the master of the stereotypes Sunday morning. He began with his poor New Deal grandmother, umpteen kids, feeling empowered for the first time by her Social Security check. He continued with the notion that the President controls Congress if his party runs both houses of Congress. He got in a bit of "we may disagree, but…" when he called Senator Babs Boxer, "My Sister." His list of stereotypes climaxed when he unveiled the inarticulate black guy versus the erudite white professor.

BET.com asks:
Were Reid's comments out of line to call a black man "an embarrassment" or does Clarence Thomas deserve the criticism?
I wonder if the Democrats themselves would be angry, or would it be that they want rid of a pro-life minority leader?



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