The Green's, Kyoto, and the End

Here's an admission from the greenies regarding their beloved Kyoto Protocal:
I think that everybody agrees that Kyoto is really, really hopeless in terms of delivering what the planet needs," Peter Roderick of Friends of the Earth International [FOEI] told CNSNews.com.
Okay. This is from an FOEI press release dated September, 2002:
"This is marvellous [sic] news! Russia and Canada have resisted intense US pressure. The Russian promise alone means Kyoto will be a reality. The global villain, George 'W' Bush has been foiled again. This will put massive pressure on Australia and the US to reverse their previous positions and ratify Kyoto themselves. But soon all nations will need to go beyond Kyoto and agree fair and tough long term targets, if climate change is to be stopped."
They want something other than Kyoto. To effectively diminish the "greenhouse gases" they theorize are making the globe a hotter place on which to trot, governments and treaties will have to control the means of production. This was tried in the U.S.S.R., and it failed because it had a quasi-capitalist system competing against it. In the FOEI model, there would be no such competition, as their protocol would be universal.

What would have happened to the Soviet Union had there been no Free World, namely the United States? The workers lacked the means of overthrowing the government, so absent a military revolt, they would have starved.

Take that and smoke it in your pipe, emitting, for the sake of the argument, copious carbon dioxide.



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