Got a Feed

Last night, I visited the blog at AlwaysRight.org off the YCOP blogroll, below right. It's run by a gentleman named Jason High -- who wrote a column for the RSN site for about… oh, two or three weeks – and his top post indicated that he was none too happy with bloggers who do not have feeds. (It makes life easier for some folks.) So, Jason, I've got a feed.

Feeds are kewl. As I understand it, my feed is an Atom feed rather than a pure RSS feed, but it's at http://www.rightsided.org/atom.xml.

Just right-click on the XML button on the top right, copy the link location, and paste it into your reader/aggregator. If you use Firefox, it has a built-in feed reader with it's own XML button, and you click on that for the headlines to aggregate in your favorites list.

So I've got a feed. Yipee, etc. Do with it what you will, and if you want me to get other kinds of feeds, I can do that.

I'm also listening to a suite Leonard Bernstein's Candide. It's American music, as I ponder what's next for the gang from the 9-11 Commission.



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