Dick Riordan Watch

Former LA Mayor Richard Riordan became California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's Education Secretary last year, and he disappeared. People don't contact him even about education matters.
Part of the problem, legislators and others say, lies in the perception of the 74-year-old Riordan as an absent-minded bumbler and a loose cannon in an administration that demands discipline.

Riordan added to that image last summer at a Santa Barbara event when he told a little girl that her name — Isis — meant "stupid, dirty girl." He apologized later, and said he was only teasing.
{For a look at "Isis-gate" and the NAACP's reaction last summer, here is a realistic glimpse.}

Perhaps Arnold keeps Riordan around for sentimental reasons, kind of like the people of West Virginia do with Bobby Byrd. Although Byrd can still be dangerous.



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