Dick Durbin on This Week

Former Clinton staffer George Stephanopoulos played host to Illinois Dem Senator Dick Durbin on his ABC show, This Week.

He demanded more and more body armor and armor for tanks in Iraq: "We can produce more, and we should be producing more armor for our Humvees."

He screeched that "we weren't attacked; we attacked" in Iraq, and no one planned.

He and Steph went on for a while about this, then the host brought up, rather dismissively, that an Army general had said that the armor situation was not dire and that this sudden, media-driven onslaught of criticism was merely "grandstanding." Durbin continued the criticism, still not disclosing how much armor is needed and for what purposes. Do they need the armor?

Durbin would not disclose who was his choice for National Intelligence Director, but he called for it to be someone "apolitical," preferably retired military. He might have been thinking of National Security Agency boss Michael Hayden, as was named by Susie Collins earlier on TW, but Lieutenant General Hayden would first have to retire from the USAF to meet Durbin's criteria.



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