Dems: More from Disney World

At the Dem meeting in Orlando today, two views for healing their woes were presented. The mercurial fruit, Howard Dean, trumpeted that people liked the Dems' values more than the Republicans ones, so the Democrats should run on their issues.
Our principles and moral values are closer to those of the American people than the Republicans are, and now we've got to run on it,'' he told state party representatives in Orlando, Florida.
That delusion is similar to the one which had the Kerry campaign convinced that the American people wanted rid of President Bush, and all they had to do was to provide a viable alternative. They did not present any such thing, but that is not why they lost. The American people like President Bush, and most Americans do not share the Dem values redefining marriage, abortion on demand, and kill the Crèche.

The other view of the Dems' solution was presented by Donnie Fowler jr., son of senior, one of Clinton's DNC chairs. Fowler thinks the Dems need to pick up support in southern and rural areas. He sees a "new electorate out there!" In fact, "[i]t is Latino, there are whites who have fallen away from us, northerners who have moved to the Sun Belt."

Perhaps they should elect James E. McGreevey DNC Chair and get it over with. MoveOn.org would defect, Ed Rendell could call them homophobes, and we could watch the food fight.



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