Dem Governors Want Their Party Back

The Democratic Governor's Association (DGA) has elected New Mexico's Bill Richardson as its chairman and decided to embark on a campaign to remove their party from the hands of such as Daschle, Pelosi, Kennedy, Clinton, and whatever remains of any real or imagined "Kerry coalition."

Richardson offered: "The Democratic Party can't continue to be a Washington-based party." Pennsylvania Governor Uncle Eddy Rendell added: "Too much of our party is trapped in inside-the-Beltway thinking." Kansas Governor Kathy Sebelis hinted that the Dems need a "dialogue about family and faith. It's important, and often Democrats shy away from that."

So we may be seeing the genesis of the neo-new Democrats, and with a former Clinton hand at the helm. Don't worry. They'll keep reinventing themselves until they find something that works both with their monied supporters and with voters.



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